When Applying For A Mobile Phone Contract?

Welcome to BWSS Phones

Have you lost count of the number of times you have been declined when applying for a mobile phone contract? Do you feel as if the disappointments and frustrations that come with rejections are just too much? Are you looking for a premium provider that promises you approval with no hassles? Do you want fast approval at affordable prices with a leading lender? If all your answers to the aforementioned questions are in the affirmative, you need not worry as BWSS Phones has got the solution to all your problems.

We are one of the trusted, reputable and reliable bad credit mobile phones contract providers across the UK with tangible results. We believe in meeting and exceeding the expectations of all our customers from wherever they are based across the UK.

What we believe in

As a respected provider in provision of bad credit mobile phone contracts, we believe that our customers need to get the best in so far as mobile phone contracts are concerned. We believe that great customer services is what informs our continued growth and success and this is why we keep modifying and improving our services with the aim of ensuring that our customers are satisfied beyond measure. We believe in providing our customers great services, offering them professional advice as well as ensuring that they make decision on bad credit mobile phones from an informed standpoint.

We ascribe to ethical standards and never compromise on the well being of our customers. We believe that our customers need to get nothing but the best and that is why we are always committed to providing them with the best perks on our plans.

Our mission

Our core objective as a respected provider across the UK is to ensure that we help as many people as possible with bad credit get approved for mobile phone contracts. We understand that mobile phones are a necessity in people’s lives and therefore people should not be refused a contract simply because they have bad credit. Our commitment to excellent customer services has seen us become the leading provider across the UK. We are constantly reinventing and working to improve our products and services so that we can meet the needs of our customers.

Our highly trained personnel understand what it means to treat customers with utmost respect, give them unbiased advice and to continually listen to their views and take into account their recommendations.

What to expect from us

As a leading bad credit mobile phone contracts provider, we continue to liaise and collaborate with industry leading partners and sites such as Money Supermarket and PhonesWorldPhonesWorld to ensure that our customers get reliable information on mobile phone contracts and how to apply and get approved. You can expect excellent services from us, bad credit mobile phones contract plans that have been designed to give you the best perks and affordability in every aspect. We ascribe to the principles of total quality management and that is why we continue to lead from the front in so far as provision of mobile phone contracts is concerned.

Get approved

At BWSS Phones, we believe in fast tracking the approval process after you make an application. This is why we have the shortest approval time across the UK and so long as you meet the criteria, you can be assured of being approved within 24 hours. You simply need to choose a plan of your choice, make an application and you can be rest assured of an approval within 24 hours or 48 hours in the latest.