About Us

BWSS Phones is a mobile provider that is well respected and well known across the UK. We are a premium provider of affordable bad credit mobile phones contracts to customers with a poor credit rating from all over the UK. We believe in according our customers the best experience and that’s why we are always at the forefront of ensuring that our customers are satisfied beyond measure. We know the pain that people with a poor credit rating face whenever they are rejected and this is the reason why we continue to be in existence to ensure that such people get approved for mobile phone contracts.

We believe in creating a conducive environment through which our customers can feel appreciated every time they are approved for bad credit mobile phone contracts. We are not just a provider out to make money but a provider that cares about the well being of our customers. It is for this reason that we undertake customer education very seriously to ensure that our customers make informed decisions in so far as application of bad credit mobile phone contracts is concerned.

To make this possible, we have employed men and women who have a deep understanding of the bad credit mobile phone contracts to advice our customers accordingly. Our personnel understand the essence of excellent customer services and that is why they are always at hand to answer and educate our customers on anything they find unclear or don’t understand. Conversely, we have partnered with respected names to educate our customers on the importance of taking bad credit mobile phone contracts and how they can make informed decisions when making an application.