What is a bad credit mobile phone contract?

A bad credit mobile phone contract is one which is designed for people with bad credit or a poor credit rating. It is designed for people who have faced rejections in the past whenever they applied for mobile phone contracts because of a poor credit rating.

What is the probability of me being approved for a mobile phone contract even if I have bad credit?

BWSS Phones is all about giving you an opportunity to get approved even with a poor credit rating. As such, there is 100% probability of being approved for mobile phone contracts even with bad credit. Our mobile phone contract plans are specifically for people with a poor credit rating or those with no credit score to talk about.

What is the standard waiting period before I can get approved?

BWSS Phones has a reputation for fast tracking services to ensure that our customers are satisfied beyond measure. In light of this, we approve bad credit mobile phone contracts as fast as possible after you make an application. You can be assured of getting approved with 24 hours or 48 hours utmost.

What handsets are available to choose from?

We believe in diversity and according our customers with the best experience in so far as bad credit mobile phones contracts is concerned. We therefore have different types of handsets you can choose depending on what you like or yearn for. We have HTC handsets, Motorola handsets, iPhones, Samsung galaxies, Huawei and many more.

Do I need to make an upfront payment before applying?

Yes. We require that you make a down payment upfront before we can approve you for a bad credit mobile phone contract. This is in no way a hindering factor or a way of limiting some people from being approved but rather simply a mitigating risk factor. The upfront money you pay will be refunded to you at the expiry of your contract together with the interest earned provided that your account with us is in good standing.

What would happen in a situation whereby I can no longer make monthly payments?

BWSS Phones understands that circumstances can change at any time. It is for this reason that we require you to inform us in a situation where the unexpected happens so that we can work out a new working plan for the both of us. We will always try to communicate with you should you fall behind in payments as we wouldn’t want a situation where your credit report suffers.

Are all your bad credit mobile phone plans priced the same way?

No. at BWSS Phones, we understand that people have different needs and also have different budgets. It’s the reason why we have different plans to give our customers an opportunity to choose one that best suits them based on their budget, tastes and preferences. We have contracts for brand new phones as well as contracts for refurbished phones. The choice is ultimately yours.

Am I at liberty to choose a plan on the network of my choice?

Yes. We have collaborated with major networks across the UK to ensure that you don’t have to change your mobile number and inconvenience your friends or family in the process. You are therefore at liberty to choose a bad credit mobile phone plan in a network of your choice and continue using your number.

What is the minimum period I need to be committed to the contract?

Generally, our customers taking various mobile phone contracts with us have the option of choosing a 12 month contract, 18 month contract, 24 month contract or 36 month contract. However, we require that those taking bad credit mobile phone contracts to be committed for a minimum period of 18 months. The longer the commitment period the lower the monthly repayments you will make.